Cross Browser Testing Resources

Updated 03.04.15

I found a few useful links related to Cross Browser Testing.

Original: A few years ago I swapped my PC for a Mac. Recently I’ve been thinking about how to test websites on older versions of IE browser. Here are a couple of options:

  • Sauce Labs: They offer a paid service for running manual or automated web application tests. You can choose to test on different combinations of OS and web browser (with different browser versions). The test instances are running on VM’s. Pricing is mainly based on monthly subscription but testing on open source projects is free. (When I was volunteering with Mozilla’s Web QA, they were running Selenium tests on some web projects via Sauce Labs)
  • BrowserStack:¬†This sounds like a similar service to Sauce Labs. I have not tried it out to see which is better/worse. They offer a free trial but otherwise require a paid monthly subscription. They got referrals from some big names in web dev. (Trivia: They are based in Mumbai)

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