Women’s Tech Panel Talk

(Follow up: Get a list of speakers/titles)

This afternoon women reps from various parts of Mozilla (including HR/Recruitment, Engineering management, Culture) held a Q&A session. There was tons of info and advice but I will try to give brief highlights:

Don’t take things too personally.

Reflect on successes and failures. Decide what you learned from both.

Get a lot of buy in when making really big decisions with large impact.

Go with your guts about people.

Make decisions that give yourself more options.

One manager remarked that her style was to have great personal relationships with people and really tried to get to know people on their level.

After the internship, when job hunting and you get an offer:

     * Negotiate your salary

     * Listen to their offer, tell them thank you and that you’d like to take 2 days to discuss it with your people. Afterward, make your counter offer. Do not take the initially offered salary.

Seek mentors.

Have confidence in your own abilities. Don’t be scared to ask questions.


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