Mozilla All Hands Meeting

Mozilla Web Compatibility group

Mozilla Web Compatibility group (All Hands Summer 2017). Photo by Dennis Schubert. CC by SA-2.0.


  • I enjoyed having a chance to meet everyone in person, especially those I only knew through their github handles when I was previously a contributor
  • I’m grateful to Mozilla for their generosity with having the interns attend
  • I’m grateful to the entire Web Compatibility group for being kind to me (and Bea, co-intern); in particular Mike T. was extremely generous with his time and planning for everyone to have mornings and evenings filled with interesting things to do
  • Additional thanks to everyone in the group for the generosity of their time and knowledge share (in particular Karl, Tom, and Guillaume)


  • We had an interesting impromptu talk about running functional tests for (Bea clarified the use of running the server in test mode for required fixture files); quote of the week: “This is like space…”
  • Enjoyed listening to all of the engineering group presentations on the last day (especially the Software Architecture group which had clearly articulated slides)
  • Enjoyed Espresso ice cream at Ghiradelli Chocolate shop and jogging through Golden Gate Park (although I could not walk down stairs properly for the remainder of the week)

Group Appreciations

  • Adam: very down to earth and pleasant to chat with
  • Bea: very fun, understanding, and smart to boot
  • Dennis: wickedly funny and smart
  • Eric: pragmatic and interesting to chat with
  • Guillaume: a very nice sense of humor and patient with my questions
  • Karl: a good listener/reader (thank you), smart teacher, investigative reporter of code, and a strong work ethic
  • Mike: makes being a leader look easy, makes big things happen, patient with my D’OH coding moments (more details in a future blog)
  • Ola: humorous, intelligent, and productive; a bold thinker
  • Tom: balances a sense of humility, confidence, and intelligence in his communications; service-oriented in his work outlook

One general observation about the group is that everyone is highly technical but also quite verbally articulate. There is a very interesting balance of qualities…


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