Tips for Growing as a Developer

This week I attended an SF Python meetup about Data applications. I had a chance to chat with a fellow working on Google Cloud and these are snippets of our conversation. The reason why I’m posting is because I didn’t have a ton of knowledge/experience to offer him but I did pepper him with a lot of questions so I’m trying to help spread his knowledge.

  • his tips for growing as a developer
    • learn things that you feel might be a little above your level of understanding/comfort
    • keep working on projects
    • pick something specific to grow on (he gave an example of project scope/self-management and finishing them)
  • he also talked about Spanner (SQL-based data store for cloud apps which is horizontally scalable; I have no experience with the product and cannot make any recommendation yay or nay)
  • for testing, his group uses a custom version of pytest

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